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Are you struggling with your weight?

Learn to stop yo-yo dieting and get the body you want for the rest of your life!

If I can do it - YOU can too!

For many years I did a lot of yo-yo dieting, gaining a few pounds, up to 10 pounds and sometimes even more because I basically love to eat! At one point a few years ago I found I was at the same weight as I was at the end of my first pregnancy. My son is now 38 years old. I kept being told, as you age you just cannot get the weight off. WRONG! With the nutritional products Shaklee offers with the key ingredient, leucine, I have been able to maintain a 15 pound weight loss for several years! It's a way to maintain muscle which burns calories and that seems to be the key in never having to yo-yo diet again! I'm wearing pants I wore 20 years ago! I guess I was saving them hoping I could fit into them again! Now several months after the introduction of Shaklee 180, I have lost several more pounds and am just 2 pounds over the weight I was at when I became pregnant 36 years ago! I am now in size 6's and 8's!!!! Call me to learn more: 908-276-3579 or send me an email: stinerinc@comcast.net
In August I restarted the Shaklee 180 and now I am down 23# and keeping it off! I lost another 8# and 3 more inches around the waist!!! Pants size now size 4!!! It's about being healthier!